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Our research is focused on three primary areas: metasurface design, the immersed body technique, and applications of the immersed body technique.

Metasurface design1
Immersed body technique2
Applications of the immersed body technique3-5
Aquatic locomotion
Esophageal transport
Neuromuscular mechanics
Brownian motion

Our objectives within these areas are:

  1. To design textured metasurfaces to control heterogeneous phase transition (non-wetting surfaces, boiling, condensation, anti-icing, etc.)
  2. To develop the constraint–based paradigm for fully resolved simulations of freely moving or self–propelling immersed bodies in fluids
  3. To apply CFD to gain insights into the function of organs (esophagus) and organisms (movement)
  4. To demonstrate fluctuating hydrodynamics mesoscale simulation as a viable technique to study biomolecules
  5. To develop novel metrics to quantify efficiency of self-propelled organisms (swimming/flying) and machines (underwater vehicles/cars)